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When scrolling Instagram, I LOVE when I come across a clean aesthetic, don't you? It’s captivating to the eye and it always draws me in. Over the years, I found that lighting is EVERYthing when styling pictures for my biz. But as busy moms and/or business owners, when the time to work is right-we can’t always wait on the weather or the sunshine. This led to the creation of the Southern Charm Preset!


This gorgeous preset was inspired by the bright farmhouse feels that captivate that Southern charm. Use paired alongside our Southern Charm Stock Photo Bundle and recreate your entire feed! 👉🏻This preset pulls greens and blues.



~ Xx Krista




When it comes to branding yourself on social media, consistency with your images is key! That is why we LOVE using and creating presets, it gives our page a bright and airy feel and helps keep our images consistent throughout our feed. 


•Our presets are v e r y affordable an can transform your entire social media game in an instant!

•They are truly one click and very rarely need adjusting! 

•Simple and very effective to use. Truly anyone with very little Lightroom mobile knowledge can utilize them!


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