Welcome, I'm Krista Juliana
& It's So Nice To Meet You! 


Hey girl-I'm so glad you're here! My name is Krista Juliana and I'm your biblical business hype girl! With 7 years in the online sales industry and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, I came to realize as much schooling as you have, social sales is an entirely different industry. I came onto the scene with zero experience and zero followers and discovered myself in the process. If I can come from nothing and find success through the craziness of being a wife, mama, and a homeschooling teacher, so can YOU!


While you don't need a degree to step into becoming an entrepreneur, there are definitely skills and that leading an online sales biz requires. And as a Christian running a business, this is the PERFECT way to step into biblical leadership as the Proverbs 31 woman that you are! 

Whether you are you are looking to run a 6 figure business or working to even just fill in the gaps finically for your family, a biblical mindset of who God is, what He can do in and through YOU is necessary. Together we'll tackle mindset, building multiple streams of income, how to pray over and for your business, social selling tips, IG Marketing Strategy, Discovering and deep diving into your niche and more!


From daily encouragement to very specific, skillful tips, if you're looking to EXIT HUSTLE CULTURE and SIMPLIFY your biz, I'm your girl. And we'll do this together, all while caring for the body of the Holy Spirit, your temple, by living in vibrant health!

Are you ready?

We love helping families achieve their wellness & financial goals! When you join our team, you'll be added to our online Facebook Communities where we share daily resources + tools, and you can meet new friends awaiting you in our community. You'll also receive access to all our member resources-including how to build a business right from home! Tho it's not required, it's a great way to earn guaranteed residual income based on rank, access your wellness staples, and be able to walk in alignment with the dreams you've a always wanted for your family! We can support you through daily zoom calls and launch videos sent right to your phone and easy systems that are simple to plug into! Our business works to customize your experience and consult with you to shape your financial planning directly to your needs!

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Check out these quick videos that spotlight the opportunity! 

Why Social Retail Overview Video: http://ltl.is/h2dcx6t (3 mins)

Fun Biz Overview:  https://sway.office.com/ngLVWg47upubB8gK?ref=Link

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