Hi, I'm Krista, and this is my handsome hubby, Chris. Yes, we are standing in front of a herd of cows! This was a spontaneous photo I made my hubby stop to take on our drive home from a gorgeous country wedding! And this is just ONE example of how he humors me and stands behind my fun ideas, and huge, audacious dreams! 

When Chris and I got married, we were in a phase of new beginnings. Beginning to live together, beginning to build a life, beginning to try and build a family. And that is where our journey started. We struggled with infertility, which led us to change many things with both our health and home. We were introduced to Essential Oils...but at the time I wasn't interested. My aunt would send them in the mail and they'd end up unopened, sitting on the linen shelf. It wasn't until months later, that I finally took them out to look at them.

I had been learning how to flip over labels and check ingredients, so I did the same with those essential oils. I began to look up the benefits of the ingredients. And wow--was I impressed! Oils for immune boosting so I could avoid over the counter medications? Oils for emotions? Hormones? Allergies? Skin Care? Cleaning and Personal Care Products and more? Well that sounded great, but why would I hold loyalty to Young Living? Friend-I did some research and there are SO MANY REASONS WHY. 

Fast forward to having babies, using oils in our home and reaping all the benefits. But it wasn't until my sister had HER baby that things began to change. She started asking me how to get her kit, telling me she wanted to raise my niece all naturally. To my surprise, she was SO EXCITED to start--and I realized how excited that made me too! That experience is what gave me boldness to share my story.  Knowing I was making an impact on families empowered me to share what we were doing in our home-- with my friends, and then their friends, and so on! Those great big audacious dreams I told you my husband supported? One of them was building this community!!! 

My favorite part about what I do is the people I’ve met along the way. When I first started sharing my love of oils, I remember how excited I’d get every single time a friend would text me their oily victories!!  I STILL get that euphoric feeling introducing people to this toxin free life and hearing all your celebrations. It’s not about some box of oils, it’s about empowering you to the amazing changes this brings to your entire family! Have Questions? I'm here to help! COME OIL WITH US!

When you join, you'll be added to our online Facebook Community where we share daily education and you can meet all your new oily friends. You'll also receive access to all our member resources! We can support you through mini text classes, weekly education zoom calls, or our customized sway links sent right to your phone. Our Community makes learning easy and fun, and customizes your experience directly to your needs!

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