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Sister, I see you.  You know God placed that desire in your heart to start your business. But you're struggling with balancing the day-to-day. YOU KNOW YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE, and you desire to include Him in your work... but how exactly do you get there??


If you're ready to radically change the way you apply your faith and partner with God in building your online business - this blueprint is for you! Even if you've already built a biz - you'll want this if you're ready to tear it all down to redeem your sanity and refresh your brand! 


Stop spending all your time searching the internet on how to make things work, piece-mealing it all together, or learning from a million and one other people's opinions on social media. Instead, partner with the Lord on your journey, and with me as your Christian Business Coach to guide you through this proven Faith AND Business Strategy!


We've compiled everything you need to start your journey into video and audio trainings -plus printable tools -aka your blueprint - to reference as you do your work! 

We'll cover: 

  • Building Firm Foundations 

  • Confirming Your Identity With Scripture & Mindset Work

  • Functioning from Overflow Not Overwhelm in your Business

  • Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts & How to Use Them In Your Business

  • Clocking In With Your Creator- Your Daily Morning Business Meeting

  • Identifying & Overcoming Spiritual Warfare in Leadership

  • Worship (& Planning) 

  • Gaining Clarity in Niche & Branding

  • Building An Impactful & Profitable Online Biz



In This Workshop, We'll cover: 

  • Identifying current habits & the new ones you want to create

  • Effective ways to incorporate change into your routine

  • Productivity & working with the phases of your monthly cycle

  • When and what to do to accomplish your best work

  • Faith-fueled mornings & practical biblical strategy…and more!


Discover how to conquer your busy, work through your strengths and weaknesses, overcome your daily anxieties, and embrace the life meant for you!


What if instead of trying to follow online trends or embellished income claims to "get rich quick", you created a sustainable, God-centered business from your brilliant ideas and gifts? One that allows you to generate income long-term, passively?


Imagine having a business where leads actually come to you  and you don't have to chase people down to buy your product. All because you've invested the time to create an offer of genuine value and transformation for those you serve.

If you're a woman of faith desiring to start or scale your online business to create passive income for your family through ideas all your own, you NEED this course!  


I'll teach you how to create, launch and sell your very own product to create impact AND income- in a way that doesn't burn you out will keep you present in your home!  Includes gorgeous templates and how-to tutorials to make implementation easy. And we'll do it all in only 30 days! 


Ever wonder why the world idolizes busy? The enemy LOVES to distract us from God's work. If you feel like you're falling short because you can't keep up with all the things, know this: Owning your small business doesn't have to feel so hard- there is a simpler way to do things! 

In this course I'll teach you how to implement simple systems of automation in your online business. From optimizing your social media, to creating nurture systems that add value, build community, and even sell your products! You'll get templates and how-to's to make it SIMPLE to run your business in your day to day. 


 It's time to stop striving and flourish in business, instead. Join our 10 Days to Automate Training and implement change in just two weeks! 


Does planning goals seem daunting and overwhelming? Are you sick and tired of not achieving your desired results? You're in good hands.


Our 7 day guide to Biblical Goal Setting offers a complete breakdown on how to prepare, plan, and partner with the Lord in achieving your goals + dreams. You'll step into Purpose-FULL Partnership as you plan & execute goals for your life and business!


I know you've been there...ready to tackle your goals but you don't know where to start. You're tired of trying the same old things. I was too!! That is, until I discovered the power of a biblical approach to goal setting.


What's different?


I firmly believe what Psalm 127 says:"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor, labor in vain.". And I don't want that for your business. Or your life, or your home. And especially for your heart. Isn't it time we include HIM in it all?


That's why I created this Biblical Guide to Goal Setting. It's for the Christian sister who is looking to tackle life and business in a whole new way. Partnering with God as a shining example of what it looks like to step into Proverbs 31 womanhood, WITHOUT the overwhelm!!


We'll Cover:


  • Bringing Your Business Before the Lord

  • Peeling back the layers of WHO you are and WHAT you enjoy most!

  • Creating goals that bring you Joy- & Results!

  • Discovering your WHY

  • The Best Kinds of Goals to Set (plus the Why & How)

  • Staying True To Who God Made You

  • Biblical Principles to Vision, Goals & Actions

  • and more!! 


Coordinating Coaching Emails will be sent to you daily along with a 30 minute Coaching Session (delivered via podcast episode) to partner with your guide for added encouragement.


If you're ready to step into clear, simple, and proven strategy, you're ready for this ONE Program that includes them all.


I'll help you:


  • Include God in Business,

  • Learn Biblical Goal Setting Strategies,

  • Monetize your Brilliant Ideas & Gifts,

  • Scale & Automize Your Social Media,

  • Create a Nurture System that Sells FOR You Behind the Scenes,

  • Teach You How to Show Up On Social Media in a Way That Serves You Best,

  • and more!

All WITHOUT the Burnout and In A Way That Keeps Your Faith & Family, FIRST! 

What if instead of talking yourself into starting your online biz only to talk yourself out of it again...


  • you locked your eyes on Jesus

  • committed to stewarding your brilliant ideas and gifts

  • and used them to serve with excellence within your calling?

I'll teach you everything from start to finish!

What's Included: 


+ Gain Lifetime Access to All My Current Courses + Templates

(Plus Any Content Upgrades!)

+ 3 Months of LIVE Calls

+ 3 Month Access to Daily Private Messaging Chat

+ A Resource Bank on FB Full of Challenges & Opportunities!


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