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"I'm so busy already, how will I find time to fit this into my day?"

You'll receive two exclusive trainings per month with two weeks in between so you have a chance to accomplish all the things. And here's the truth. You're tired of wasting time doing things that just aren't working - you're ready to experience the breakthrough you know you need. Sister, I know you're busy, which is why you get to choose your pace on how you get it done. Dedicate your time to developing the habits and routine you need- not to mention, the relationships you'll cultivate in our community of Christian Creatives! You'll tie it all together with our Bonus Materials and Interactive Group Mentorship -perfect for when you need extra help or quick answers to a burning question!  Our easy to consume content is delivered to you monthly. This format allows for the growth, clarity, and transformation we know this experience can bring.   Whether you're all in and breeze right through, or you choose to dedicate extra time to journal, pray and do the deeper work your biz might require, YOU get to choose what works best for you! Phew! Take a deep breath and que the sigh of relief I know you needed!!  Ditch the overwhelm and experience the FREEDOM this flexibility brings!

How is your membership different?

We take a very personal approach in the way we address your faith and business. You aren't just a number here but a beautiful soul that the Lord wants to use this program to speak through and cultivate. Ditch that worldly wisdom and step into actual biblical and businss strategy. We take a bold approach and offer various forms of content to keep things interesting! From live to pre-recorded videos, exclusive members- only podcast episodes and written words, to effective journaling and our interactive mentorship community- this membership meets every need. With bonus materials beyond the course, it's  sure to keep you coming back for more!! Of course the proof is in the pudding with the personal and business growth you'll see. Mmm, did I just say pudding? Brb, I'm off to get a snack!!

Will this really save me time?

Sure, you could do all the research, study the trends, pay to be in a million different mentorships, listen to all the sermons and podcasts, study the Bible, read all the books, spend years gaining life experience, and create a lifestyle that attracts a bunch of successful Christian Creative business friends. But who has TIME to do it all at once and figure out how to tie it all together?? Luckily, I've already done that FOR you and laid it out in tangible and effective ways!  If you're looking for: Instant Impact Powerful habits that ignite your daily routine A deeper connection and relationship with The Lord  A guide to Purpose-FULLY Partnering with Him in Life & Business Mentorship & Community full of the most amazing faith-fueled business women, then this is the place for you!

What kind of Christian Content do you share? 

I'll be honest. If you're looking for fluff, this isn't for you. We won't candy coat things for you. This membership provides REAL AND LASTING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAT INVITES HIS SANCTIFYING POWER & EFFECTUAL LIFELONG CHANGE. We speak boldly on issues the world tends to ignore, and pierce the heart with God's truth where the Holy Spirit is ushered in to do even more.  We sweep right past self-righteous goal setting techniques and worldly manifestations and dive head first into tackling the lies of the enemy and any limiting beliefs you might be holding on to. You can be sure we lace it all with love and grace but we will always address even the most basic of business principals through the light and lens of God's unwavering truth. This is not your average business coaching. Christian women are craving Biblical AND Business mentorship. If you've tried everything else and come up short, it's because those programs leave out the power of the Holy Spirit!  I haven't seen ANYthing like this offered on the market, so your experience here will be spirit-filled, authentic, and unique!!

After my time here, what kind of resources will I walk away with?

Get out your dancing shoes b/c you won't be walking when you hear the news!! You will never be without your most important business guides!! We've designed this course in a way that will allow you to print our downloads as we send them and turn them into your own Biblical Business "Bible" to reference back to whenever you feel the need.  You'll love that you can also create your very own continual "Clock in With Your Creator" daily devotional guide by simply printing out the extra sheets to fill out each day. Lastly, the friendships you will gain from your time together will be PRICELESS. Get to know the women in the mentorship, participate, ask questions, give as much as you take. You might love working power hours together or collaborating on different ideas and giveaways for work. Exchange contact information and continue your friendship outside our mentorship for years to come!

How do I know if you're the right coach for me?

I always welcome the opportunity to hop on a discovery zoom to ensure sure we're a great fit and would work well together. I firmly believe in investing well, with wisdom, knowledge, and peace from the Lord. That being said, I'd also encourage you to prayerfully consider whether this specific experience and opportunity is for you.  Over the years, I've personally encountered coaches who's teaching style wasn't for me or who's voice was so monotone I couldn't imagine myself sitting through one of their coaching sessions. It sounds silly, but it's true!! You wouldn't want to show up and have to force yourself to listen or get distracted unnecessarily when you sit down to work each day.   I want to make sure none of those things are barriers for you. If after our call you're feeling the nudge, it's a great indicator that you should take a leap of faith and jump right in! And if you're wondering about other's experiences working with me, I've got a list of references to point to a "YES!" there too!

Are you credible? 

I may need to point you back to the pudding reference for this one! haha But seriously, I know...ANYone can sell an offer. So will the course and coaching really measure up?  Here's the thing, I love the Lord with all my heart- and because of that, my desire is to honor HIM in the way that I serve YOU. I always show up and serve fully (and overdeliver to the best of my ability- if you've ever coached with me, you know it's true). I also never teach something I haven't personally walked through and experienced myself.  That being said, here's a list of technicalities! I've got a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership & Business Management  15+ years experience helping women brand and build their brick & mortar businesses 8 years coaching women online in how to do the same!

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