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Updated: Jan 9

Motherhood is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding experiences a woman will ever embark on. She will never assume to be the best but will always give her best. She will go without in moments no one notices, and will sacrifice with others unaware. Her work is tiring, draining even, and often feels never-ending. On days when she has nothing left to give, she’ll continue giving still.

Others may not notice the sacrifices she makes. They may question her choices for the way she runs her home, or the rules she sets for her family. They may see only glimpses of how she keeps food on the table, the household chores done, or gets the kids to their many different activities. They don’t see the limited funds in her account and the creative ways she multiplies them or tries to make them stretch. They don’t know the things she gives up just so her family can get by. No, on the outside, others will always choose to focus on what they want to notice most. They may judge, out of comparison, often unaware.

While no woman has ever or will ever do her job to the world’s standard of perfection, she fits and completes her job description according to the needs of her particular home, and according to God’s Will. She is Mom: full of love, care, and unending compassion for her family. And no one else's thoughts of comparison, not even her own, can ever take that from her or dim the light she shines.

xx Krista

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Krista Juliana

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