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Approaching Your Online Business With Nehemiah's Strategy - Tools for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 13

faith-based female entrepreneur studying the book of Nehemiah for strategy on their online business

Have you ever wondered if there's some surefire strategy that you could apply to your business that would literally propel you from A to B? We all want to know our work is going to produce a harvest - both in blessing our clients and producing an income for our home. But how exactly do you get there? Especially when your vision seems SO BIG and you don't exactly know how to bring your dream (or the steps to get you there) to life!

I want to teach you EXACTLY how Nehemiah did this in a way that's practical for your business. Because as busy moms and business owners, we don't have time for fluff. I've seriously learned so much from studying this man's journey- It's phenomenal when you see the way he walked out God's call in a job he really wasn't fully equipped to do.

And I know you've felt this way- we allll do as small business owners. Unequipped, diving in with a dollar and a dream haha Hoping to figure out how to multiply the gifts and talents God has given you and use them to create impact. But often, we are lacking in provision, help, know-how, and a plan to bring that passion He's stirring within our hearts to life!

motivational quote for women of faith in business

But here's the thing...when God ignites a passion in your heart and unveils a problem you're uniquely equipped to solve, that's your CALLING to make a difference in the world. Nehemiah felt that pull, he felt that call. And he started by acknowledging it through prayer and fasting.

But he didn't stop there. He had a method and a strategy and he modeled to us how to practically walk that out.

Before I share what that is, let's take a moment to discover this man called Nehemiah.

Nehemiah was a Jewish leader who initiated the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. He fully accomplished a task others had tried to do- yet couldn't. And Nehemiah did it in record time. All of this occurred in mid-5th century BC, after his release from captivity by the Persian King, Artaxerxes I.

At the time of his initial calling to help rebuild the wall, Nehemiah was employed as cup bearer to the King. His job was to protect the King by testing food or drink for poison before consumption by Artaxerxes. His was a position one of high authority, and his closeness to the King's affairs left him exposed to much wisdom, private conversations, and interactions with all sorts of royal dealings. He learned much from that kind of exposure and he knew how careful one had to be apparoaching the King.

motivational quote for women of faith in business

What stood out to me about Nehemiah is how he used that wisdom, the position God had placed him in, and his authority and influence, to point God's people back to Him. As believers and entrepreneurs, we have the ability and responsibility to do that through our work too.

So let's break down exactly how Nehemiah did this so you and I can do this too...

I think first and foremost it's important to humanize any person you study in scripture.

The amazing thing about how God chooses and uses people is that they are just like you and me. Often, there's nothing super extravagant about them. But we get to see them through God's eyes, and that's what makes them so special. I love watching their stories unfold, discovering how God used their everyday life experiences to prepare them for His good works. Other times we see how God has provided help or filled in the gap in their own shortcomings to make their work and mission possible. He does the same for you and me.

Nehemiah's Strategy:

*The first thing Nehemiah did was begin this work by acknowledging the problem, and responding with brokenness for the position this left God's people. This caused him to mourn, repent, and respond through prayer and fasting- the foundational piece that gave him connection to God's divine provision and allowed him to complete his work.

In business, this was likely you too. You felt passion and compassion for a cause, having likely walked through life's lessons that now gave you experience. And through your experience, you learned valuable skills and became equipped with wisdom, resources, and tools that you desired to use to help others walk through it successfully too. That passion then led you to step out in faith to start your business.

In Nehemiah's case, this caused him to prepare and plan as he waited for an open door of opportunity to bring this matter to the King. He would need to request permission to leave his post for this great work, and the provision necessary to make it happen. It was a huge stretch and reach - one that could leave him vulnerable to denial, death, and failure. But Nehemiah was willing to take the risk and, at God's appointed time, to have this conversation with the King. And that took 120 days before God allowed for that to happen.

If you have any big decision to make, any goal to accomplish, do you find yourself rushing in to make it happen all on your own? Do you stop to listen to God's still small voice, or seek him for instruction?

I was talking with a fellow Christian sister in business just today and she was sharing her experience with this. She knew God told her to wait on Him to provide and not rush into collaborating with other influencers to share her product - yet in her eagerness to see her launch succeed, she reached out to those influencers anyways. Even with these larger accounts sharing her incredible product (which it totally is btw!), she still didn't see her sales rise. It took her stepping back, recentering on the Lord and building that foundation WITH Him for her work that gave her peace that she was being obedient to trusting HIM to ESTABLISH her work.

This is going to look different for each of us in business, but when you hear God's voice giving you clear instruction, it's best (and timesaving!!) to listen, trust, and obey.

*The second thing Nehemiah did was repent for his sins, the sins of his people, and remember the Goodness and the Promises of God. He made this mission personal. I go into more detail in this episode because I believe it's SO important to start with a fresh slate before the Lord in order to remove any hinderances and get our hearts right, but also to reaffirm and build us back up in truth. Gratitude and remembering the Promises of God and the way He's already come through for you in your life plays such a huge part in this.

Here's why:

gratitude quotes thankful inspiration

*The third thing Nehemiah did was ASK. He literally did not hold back in asking for what he needed. And we shouldn't feel selfish or resist coming to God with our needs too. I feel like this is something I'm constantly hearing from Christian women in business. They are afraid or feel guilty for bringing certain needs before the Lord. Especially with their business.

Why is that? Why do we think our loving Father doesn't want to hear what His beautiful daughter needs in order to complete the work He's called you to? (Not sure if God's actually called you to this work? Let's find out together, HERE.)

*Nehemiah had such a strong pull on his heart, he could not ignore that calling. But he also knew, he couldn't jump into it without God's permission and provision to do that work. He had to submit his needs before the Lord, but also YIELD to God's Holy Spirit. That was his step 4. And like I mentioned earlier, God gave that to him, but he had to wait. He had to trust. And he had to start preparing so he was ready for that big day.

Do you have a hard time yielding to the Holy Spirit? I know sometimes I do. But then I look to people like Nehemiah in scripture, and I'm inspired by their stories. And I learn to trust God as His plan unfolds for me.

I know what it's like to start and stop again in business. To try and figure things out in my own will or in my own way. And I also know what it's like to re-center myself in Jesus, to look to Him for wisdom and direction, and how to map, plan, and prepare, applying both Biblical Wisdom and Business Strategy, as I yield to His plan for the current season of my life. But that doesn't mean I don't constantly need reminders to actually implement this day to day.

That's one of the reasons I love The Faithful Business Blueprint. It's that daily reminder and guide to the keys necessary to include God in business and grow and scale your online brand. I highly recommend it if you're looking to radically change the way you apply your faith and partner with God in building your online business!

Now back to Nehemiah's Prayer Strategy - I'm mapping it out in a simple format you can use today!

powerful prayer strategy

Not only that, Nehemiah had very specific daily, practical strategy.

  • Recognize the problem.

  • Seek the Lord.

  • Use your gifts/experience to help solve the problem.

  • Analyze your situation.

  • Prepare & Plan.

  • Step thru open doors with God-Led Action.

  • Rally the troops by speaking specifically to your target market.

  • Create your "dream team" to get it done.

And lastly...

Don't let doubts, distractions, or disappointments deter you. Stay focused on the Work God called you to do!

Written by: Krista Juliana

Host of The Flourish and Free Podcast- Subscribe Here!

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