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The Secret To Getting Unstuck In Your Small Business

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I've got a secret to share- even the most successful business owners have felt stuck at some point or another in their business! Sit down with any entrepreneur and ask to pick their brain and they will tell you their stories of hardships, obstacles, and failed attempts they've overcome. The very definition of entrepreneur is described as a person willing to take a risk. And risks always come with their fair share of failures and rewards!

Here's what sets the successful apart - despite their messy, they determined to learn, grow, switch things up, and purposed not to quit.

I've got to admit, I was in a season of "stuck" for a little while in my business, too. And I

hate to use that word b/c it's paralyzing and makes you feel literally immovable in the worst kind of way. But truth be told, that's what it felt like for me.

If you've ever been stuck, you know how it feels. It doesn't necessarily mean you're not doing anything to try and move the needle. You often ARE taking action- but regardless, you're not getting anywhere. In business, and as small business owners, we need to know that our efforts are taking us from A to B. It's fulfilling, motivating, and often what keeps us going. On top of that, it helps us gauge our effectiveness at helping those we're here to serve.

Here's what can happen to us though. We expect massive growth sooner than it often arrives. And we get discouraged when we haven't "made it", or gone viral, or aren't yet earning those 4-5(+) figure months. If you're in the online space and comparing yourself with others in your market, it can feel like they're all ahead of you, but you're still in last place. How frustrating knowing you're working super hard but still not getting there!

Ok, so before we go on a rant together (been there, done that!), please let me say this: Sometimes you're busy working and doing all the things...they just aren't the RIGHT things for YOUR target market. Or you need to add more value, or tweak your offers or your marketing. (That's where investing in a good coach or course comes in!) OR, it's just a matter of time. Seriously, sometimes you're doing all the right things and it just takes literal time, commitment, and repetition before things take off. Is your why and your purpose behind your work bigger than the time that it might take to get you there? You need to solidify that in order to get you moving.

But let's get to the main point and driver that is literally FOUNDATIONAL for you getting unstuck and getting ahead. Are you ready for it? (and you might think it sounds cheesy til you let me prove my point-so stick with me b/c I promise it's worth your time!!)

It's all a matter of the mind- what you're actually thinking, then believing about the situation from those thoughts, which fuels the actions you do (or do not) take.

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If you’re stuck, or you’re new, or you’re simply just not seeing growth - you can’t keep doing the same things (or not doing things at all) & expect to see a different outcome. You have to commit to change- and I’d challenge you to change your MIND. Here’s why:

Scripture boasts that, "Whatsoever a man thinks in his heart, so he is." - Proverbs 23:7. So if you’re thinking you’ll never see growth, you won’t. Or if you’re thinking you don’t have favor, you won’t have it. BUT, if you’re believing you can, you’ll also commit to taking action as though you can- and that (partnered with God’s favor and your hard work) is ultimately what brings results.

Scripture also says, " hold your mind captive" (2 Corin 10:5) and to renew and cleanse it with "the washing of the water of The Word"(Eph 5:26). Get off the filth and gunk (aka the lies you believe) and put on God’s unshakable truth of WHO and WHOSE you are. You’re a Daughter of the King. Function from that stance.

Knowing that you can’t pour old wine into new wine skins (Luke 5:37-39), you have to be willing to change- to strip off the old and put on the new.  Keep that in mind when faced with something different. Do you need new vision? New habits and routine? Do you need to scrap what you're doing online and finally optimize your social media? Do you need to prioritize your business in a way that keeps your faith and family first? You could be at a cross-roads for change. Lean into it! Pray and fast, seek the Lord, and be open to the new He has for you!

Lastly, Scripture reminds us to think about what is good, lovely, & worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8-9). It boasts that words fitly spoken at the proper time, are like apples of gold in settings of silver (Proverbs 25:11). How we can either crush or build up with the power of our tongue. So what this means is what you speak over yourself, what you listen to regarding growth, wisdom or advice, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 who you allow to speak into you, all influence the way you approach your life. Choose wisely. Do you see how it is all a matter of the mind and the source of where you're getting truth?

I get that the path is hard. But isn't that what entrepreneurship is? Being brave enough to embrace the hard that most other people won't? To believe in the bigger picture, a higher calling, a Kingdom Assignment on your life and on the lives of those you serve through your small business?!

christian entrepreneur's vision and purpose, higher calling quote

Have you stopped to consider that maybe your path is harder because your calling is HIGHER?

That in the Kingdom, everything is essentially an opportunity?

Once you wrap your mind around that, everything seems to change. You begin to look at your circumstances as purposed by God, designed for your good, and for His glory. You begin to embrace the messy, hard parts of life and business, asking God how he plans to work in and through you.

And all of that leads me to the example of Joseph in scripture and his 13 year journey from the pit to the palace...

It always stands out to me that his faith in God and his mindset purposed in hope, strength and godly character, kept him going, working to his full potential in any place God had him. And despite what, to us, would literally feel like hopeless circumstances or a streak of bad luck, Joseph still gave God glory and showed up as his best each day. His character was honorable, obedient to Christ, full of virtue, and BELIEVING TRUTH, which led to his noteworthy behavior.

Here are some examples of how you can take your thoughts captive and reshape your mindset, too:

  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts. You have the ability to exercise control over your thoughts. God warned Cain to focus his mind on the right things, but Cain chose to think about the wrong things - anger and jealousy - which led to his murderous actions. Are you willing to admit that you can, with God's help, regain control of your thoughts - and think enabling thoughts instead of disabling ones?

  • Don't just change your behavior, change your mind too! Instead of focusing on your outward behavior, work on disciplining your mind - from which the behaviors stem. Allow God to transform you by the renewing of your mind. (I teach about this in The Belief Cycle and help you walk this out daily and practically in The Faithful Business Blueprint).

  • Think through your problems rather than just react to them. When you experience difficult challenges, you can either react to them and think yourself into despair every time or you can look forward to the next opportunity and ask yourself what you learned from this experience. Is your first thought, "I'll never do anything right?" or do you instead find yourself asking,"What can I learn from this and what is God trying to refine in me?" You don't have to get trapped by disabling thoughts. You are capable of getting out of your shame, despair, hopelessness, and anger/frustrations - by taking control of your thoughts.

Your mindset is the key to beginning to get "un-stuck". So go to the source of truth and start reflecting.

Then, ask yourself some key questions to gain vision for your next steps. Don't just think about these questions, grab a journal and write them out for clarity and vision:

  • What lies have I been believing about myself and my business?

  • What does God's Word say about me and the plans God has for me? (Seriously, search the Word for the answers for this one!)

  • What do I ideally want my business to look like?

  • Where would I like to see it going? Be exact. Growth, Numbers, Sales, Community, Impact, Projects, etc.

  • What kind of woman do I want to be (or need to be) to function in that capacity?

  • How will this version of me meet the needs of those I serve?

  • How do I want to feel leading my business and my team?

  • What kind of things do I need to believe to step into that person?

  • What things practically in me, my business, and my daily routines need to change?

  • What type of resources do I need to invest in to facilitate that impact?

Once you tackle your thoughts, you can refine your beliefs, and you can then move forward in godfident action. But action you must take. Momentum will come as a result of you stepping into change.

If you're ready to lay the foundational building blocks to your faith and business, prayer and fasting is a great place to start to connect with your Creator and gain the vision you desire. You can read my blog post sharing all about it, HERE.

To invest in a mentorship and companion tool that will fuel your faith and marry it to your business so you can purpose in the Kingdom-Call God has for you, CLICK HERE.

Remember, your mindset can either keep you stuck or propel you forward. Which one will you choose?

xx, Krista

Are you ready to tackle mindset and the way you approach your business? My name is Krista Juliana and I help Christian female business owners go from overwhelmed and trading time for money to purposefully planned and partnering with God, keeping faith and family first as you build your thriving brand!

A few years ago I found myself drowning in the overwhelm. I felt like my home, schedule, business, heart and mind were filled to the brim. Instead of living my life, I was merely managing all the things in it. 

I began to ask myself, how can I simplify? How can I be more present? How can I build a thriving business while keeping my faith and family first? That was my starting point; Seeking God for breakthrough was where it all began.  Some changes were quick and easy, others have been a process, but the journey to living more intentionally has been SO worth it.

Co-purposing with God and simplifying your business is a shift and a process that takes time, effort, and mindset work. Everyday I get questions asking, “Where do I even begin?“ That‘s the heart behind this free resource - helping you start the process with some quick wins in the busiest and most important areas of your life to show you what‘s possible with even the smallest steps!

Click the link below to get on the list and follow me on Instagram! I'll be in stories everyday next week walking you through the challenge - I'm keeping it short and sweet with powerful needle moving tasks that you'll only need 20 minutes a day to complete!


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