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Do THIS When You're Feeling Weak or Weary!

Sister, are you feeling parched in business and in need of some refreshment?

While the ability to build an online brand has become one of the biggest blessings since the introduction of social media, often it leaves us burnt out and exhausted as we try to keep up with the latest trends. ‌Owning a small business is exhilarating and rewarding - but it definitely comes with its share of challenges and uncertainties. Even the best of us often find ourselves poured out, and needing guidance. ‌

Today I want to talk to you about where to go to gain refreshment - hint hint- God promises us His LIVING WATER found in His Word!!

It’s also important to know that with tons of people you can emulate online, it’s crucial to build your brand on a strong biblical foundation-and shine in the unique gifts God’s given YOU. Because, the truth is, running a business as a Christian just looks different. You must be grounded in the gospel's truth and connected to Jesus to sustain and shine through you. ‌

In this episode:

  • We're diving into John 7: 37-39 to help you understand why building this foundation is essential and how it can bring clarity and assurance to your journey in your life, marriage, motherhood- and yes, your business!

  • We explore how God's Word not only brings hope and strength, but also enables us to pour out His love and grace on those you interact with daily.

  • We invest in your spiritual walk by positioning the Lord as your source of strength and point you to how to be refreshed.

  • I even share some resources and tools to help you implement this too!

This connection with God's word not only brings hope and strength, but also enables you to pour out His love and grace on those you interact with daily. What if 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 business was what God used to point people within your influence to Jesus?! ‌ Imagine the Kingdom Impact you could make...

If you're craving more of Jesus and know you need His strength, grab a cup of coffee and listen in! 


Gain Exclusive Access to Your Ultimate Refresh with The Faithful Business Blueprint-Your Faith Meets Business Morning Routine for the Christian Entrepreneur. This is the exact step-by-step method I use to connect with my Creator daily for refreshment from His Living Waters and partner with Him in my daily tasks and business ventures. Gain clarity, intention, and direction to help you tackle your tasks in Godfidence with a clear roadmap laid out for you! Linked here

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Cheering you on in Him,



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Krista Juliana

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