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What if I told you there was a guaranteed way to interact with your ideal clients, increase your reach, and drive sales with your audience primed and ready for your offer? Imagine the way this could impact or revive your business! Now, what if I told you that email marketing is the platform you could use to make it happen? Are you ready to take advantage of that as you head into 2023?

Many entrepreneurs have an email list. Why? Because it creates a unique brand experience and gives you a more intimate connection to your online community. But where does fostering your community start? It's usually through a social media platform like IG, Facebook, Youtube, etc., or your website. If you're someone who has relied on just these platforms to grow your following but you've failed to build an email list, keep reading! This is for you!

I love social media but for very different reasons than I love email. It's an amazing tool that introduces you to new and potential clients while providing a beginning means of fostering those relationships. While those posts/reels etc that you share do give them a taste of what you have to offer, what they don't do is keep consumers attention very long. We've literally whittled down our attention span to about 3-15 seconds per post. Culture today is so used to everything being so fast paced that only a few pieces of content actually grab their attention long enough to stop their scroll. Email gives you the opportunity to continue the conversation- taking them from 15 seconds to maybe even 5 minutes and to drip on them niche-specific information (over time) that you know they've asked for. Social media provides the chance to ask quick questions and introduce your brand, but email takes it next level - creating an entirely different kind of brand experience.

One downfall of utilizing social media to gain brand exposure is that if anything happens to your account - whether you're hacked, your account is stolen, or you're ever censored - you lose your account and your followers vanish with it! Email gives you direct, uninterrupted access to your community, despite any possible restrictions from other platforms. And did you know that IG only shows your content to 6% of your followers? That's right - only 6%!! With email marketing, your content is five times more likely to get opened and consumed than it is on social media. It may sound crazy, but it's true! Is this making you re-think the importance of utilizing email?

Now I say this not to diminish the value of social media. By no means-it's an incredible platform and I appreciate the way I've learned to leverage it for my business. But many times it's merely an introduction. Your email list is what gives you complete control over your ideal client's contact information, which gives you power to market your business in an extremely effective way. It provides you with increased impact and the ability to turn your hard work into sales. No more battles with the algorithm- email has the power reach your people with the content you worked so hard to create, driving even more results!

Email is also a GREAT way to funnel people through a lead generation system. An email list allows you to distinguish between the people just following you in stories or scrolling through your website from those who are genuinely interested in a specific piece of content. The way email providers like Flodesk (save 50% here), Mailchimp or Madmimi work, you're able to create multiple forms of opt-in's, sales funnels, education series, or get to know you campaigns that you can send out at peak delivery times and in mass amounts to your people. You can track who opens what, see specifically what they clicked on, and take them through your series based on the responses you receive. You'll see who needs more nurturing or who's ready for your offer. Email funnels allow you to gain understanding on how to market to their needs or solve their problem in a specific way. THOSE are the people truly interested in your content- moving them further down the line from follower, to friend, to paying client!! And the more you continue to openly share your opt-in invitation, the more quickly your list will grow!

Think of Subscribers In Terms of Dollars

(I say this in the kindest way)

Investing in your followers/online community by serving up valuable, free content, workshops, helpful lives, trainings, etc. shows them that you truly want to invest in them. Underpromising, overdelivering, and creating a transformational experience builds a like, know, trust relationship with those you serve. It also shows others you're here to see them win - which moves them closer to being willing to invest financially in what you have to offer. That being said, when you equate each subscriber to $1 amount in your mind, you quickly begin to see the investment value that comes from building and pouring into them with content through your email list. For every 250 people you add to your list, you consider it as adding $250 to your monthly income. As that number multiplies and grows each month, so does your potential to increase impact as you also increase sales.

Tips on How To Start Your Email List:

When first starting out, don't overwhelm yourself. Commit to creating at least ONE free lead magnet or newsletter per month, with exceptions made for special events or sales. Then increase as you go and as you learn the needs of your ideal client!


1. Gratitude - Thank them!!! Everyone loves to feel appreciated!

2. Something Free - a recipe, your favorite Bible verse, a new song you have on your playlist, a link to something you found on Amazon, a joke, a podcast you love that made an impact (for more lead magnet ideas, click here.)

3. A Sale or Promo for that Month - talk about anything going on sale-wise.

4. Share the Love - Show your community ways to share the products they buy from you that they love! If your brand has coupon codes or ways to earn shopping credits, walk them through how to share and earn them!

So tell me....

✨Do you currently have an email list?

✨Do you send out frequent newsletters?

✨What email service do you use?

✨What are your current struggles?

Feel free to share with us below. This provides an opportunity for me to comment back and offer feedback and it's also a great way to collaborate with other women in this community :)

xx Krista

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